We’re here for you before, during, and after an attack.

David J. Peck and Associates offers a wide variety of services that will address your desire to keep information about your company and your customers safe.


How can I tell if my business and client information is safe?

With new threats entering cyberspace daily, you need to know if your employees, data, and IT systems are fully protected. We will run a variety of tests to determine whether or not your company is as protected from threats as possible and if it isn’t, we’ll make recommendations on what should be done and develop a plan of action to fix the problem as quickly as possible.


What if my business has already been attacked?

Unfortunately, attacks do happen. If your company has been the victim of a cyber-attack, we will analyze the threat in order to determine the cause and take immediate action to remove it.


What can I do to prevent future attacks?

In order to fully understand the scope of the attack and ultimately contain it, we have to understand the root cause. In many cases, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis to find evidence appropriate for presentation to investigative authorities. We’ll be with you every step of the way until the issue is resolved.

 Mr. Peck has experience in a variety of cases, including the following:

  • Homicides
  • Child pornography
  • Domestic abuse
  • Malware attacks
  • Hacker attacks
  • Defense cases
  • School district support
  • Employee misconduct
  • Data loss prevention
  • Electronic discovery
  • Access device fraud