Defense Case

Mr. Peck was retained by a defense attorney whose client was charged with double homicide. Collectable items recovered at the defendant’s residence by the police were key to establish the defendant’s presence at the victims’ residence during the crime. The defense engaged with Mr. Peck in an attempt to prove that the defendant also collected the same items as a hobby.

Mr. Peck obtained a duplicate of the defendant’s hard drive from the investigating agency. Mr. Peck recovered images to support the defense’s claim that the suspect was also a collector of the same items, and this was crucial evidence that the prosecutor and police had missed. However, Mr. Peck also recovered a collection of newspaper clippings and other evidence of a previous homicide for which the suspect was thought to be involved. This ultimately led to additional investigation and an arrest of the suspect for the additional homicide.

Mr. Peck provided the evidence the defense was hoping for, but in conducting a complete investigation, provided evidence implicating the defendant in an additional crime.