Incident Response

Identify, isolate and remediate a threat.

Quick and efficient actions are crucial when your IT assets are under attack in order to not only reduce the threat, but to also conserve critical data and systems. Not all IT organizations have the necessary resources and revenue required to adequately identify, contain and eradicate an active security threat. Regrettably, a delayed reaction only results in increased damages and debts from a security breach.

Incident Response minimizes the impact and duration of a security breach and provides containment and eradication of the threats. We analyze the threat to determine the cause and take immediate action to stop and remove the threat from your environment.

Identifying the cause of the threat is important, but you also need to understand the motive. We will reverse engineer malware to determine its functionality and purpose. We will gain insight of the technical capabilities and resources used by the malware to aid in establishing countermeasures that prevent future attacks, while providing detailed analysis to your executive team.